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Get To Play Live Lord of the Ocean an Interesting Game

Lord of the ocean is a simple game however the rules of dealing the card are stringent. When you are playing the game online then there are 8 decks that are shuffled. To play lord of the ocean you need to understand the rules and regulations. Cards that hold no value are the ones with a face in it and the number 10 cards. Value of the card less than 10 is taken up as per the value mentioned in it and ace is taken in as one. This game is played with 3 cards and under no circumstances the total of the cards can cross 10 and if they do you will let go of the digit for an example if the sum of the cards you have is 14 then the value of your card is 4 then. The idea of the game is to reach the total of 9 and to do that you bet either on the table banker or the player. The dealer would first give the cards to the player and then to the banker. The cards are dealt in a manner that all the cards with the players and the bankers’ don’t exceed 3.

Understand the moves of this cards game

Understand the player card rule of 3 cards, if the players or the bank has their card total of 9 and sometimes 8 then the dealer will stop you from taking further drawn from the deck. The only time a player will draw the third card when his total is less than 5 in the dealt cards. The rule also applies to the bank however the sums are different, in case if the sum of the banks two cards is less than 2 he will be eligible to draw another card and when he is at 3 he can draw a card only when the player is at 8. If 4 is the sum of the card then the players have to be 9,1,0,8

The chances of high rewards brings more players online

Lord of the ocean among all the card games has made a niche for itself because of the pace it moves and the odds of winning and losing is so balanced that gaming companies have always rated this game high and is listed in a number of casinos across the world. Learn to Play Live Casino Baccarat and earn a lot of money. If you are able to master this game then you would get so addicted to this game that you would be surprised and then the earnings that you are eligible from this game. There are many sites that will tell you that you can play games online completely free and it is safe to hang out there. I would recommend you to read the gaming reviews before jumping into the game.  Proper planning and good control of cards will make you a winner and the desire for winning all the games is enhanced when you start doing well in this game.


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